Jätkub pettus: hack = bitcoin makse

Rumalaid ja kergeusklikke hirmutatakse nende “süsteemi” häkkeriga ja nõutaks bitcoin makset. Mingit leket ei ole ja ainult hirmutatakse.



Your system has been hacked with a trojan virus. It has
penetrated your device through adult portals that you visit.

Some spicy videos contain the malicious code activated
immediately after switching on. All data has already been copied
to my server.

I have complete control over the device you use to browse the
internet. I can see your screen and use the microphone and camera
without you even noticing.

I’ve already taken a screen capture. We created a video with a
pornographic reel that you were watching at the time and
masturbating. Your face is perfectly visible and I don’t think
this type of content will have any positive effect on your

I have full access to your list of contacts and your social
network profile. I can send this video from your email or the
messengers to all over the world.

If you want to avoid this then you just have to do one simple

Simply transfer 10000 EUR (EURO) = 0.000052 BTC to the Bitcoin
wallet: 1NqcrXj7CCARvuUTxVRAgBzDJzjsPLKNDk
(copy & paste address – it’s case sensitive)

(in Bitcoin equivalent to the exchange rate at the time of

You can find detailed instructions on google.

After the payment I will remove the video and virus from your
device and no one will bother you any more.

If I don’t receive payment after this deadline, all of your data
and videos will be publicly available.

I give you 2 working days.

I am receiving a notification that you have read this letter. The
timer starts immediately.

All kinds of complaints, even with the police, would be
pointless. My Bitcoin wallet and email cannot be tracked.

If I find out that you shared this message with someone else, the
video will be posted immediately.

I will forever destroy your reputation and all of your data will
become public.

Everyone will learn about your passion for porn sites and more.
Changing passwords would also be helpless because all the data is
already on my servers.

If you try not to follow my instructions – I will send this ugly
video to everyone you know, including your family members.
Don’t forget the potential shame – your life can be a disaster!
Contact me on this email address darincole001@gmail.com and copy
to baloneylewis101@outlook.com with this subject: Decrypt-

After these steps you will receive through email the key and a
decrypt tutorial.
I am waiting for your Bitcoin payment.


Kokkuvõttes on tegemist massiliselt saadetud kirjaga ja selle saatjal ei ole aimugi, kelle aadressile ta kirjutas. Praegusel juhul info@ algusega üldaadressile, millise leiab Äriregistrist firma kontaktina. Maksta ei tasu, isegi kui olete arvuti kaamera ees teinud midagi, mis salvestamise korral tundub piinlik. Varasematest kirjadest teeb erinevaks @gmail.com ja @outlook.com aadresside lisamine, sest varasematel aastatel ei olnu tagasi kirjutamise võimalust.

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